Mineral water

1 / Bones
2 / Muscles
3 / Heart and vessels
4 / Joints
5 / Digestive system


Calcium is necessary for strong teeth and bones. It is also very important for proper muscle function, contraction and cellular signaling. Calcium regulates transport of ions and our cardiac muscles require calcium to contract. Calcium also supports function of other muscles, transmission of nerve impulses, and blood clotting.


It has very important role in the process of good functioning of muscles and nerves, it keeps regular heart rhythm and strong bones, it helps body to create energy and it has impact on protein synthesis, too. Magnesium deficiency might cause hypertension and improves level of cholesterol, which are well known risk factors for occurrence of atherogenesis and CAD.


Sodium controls body water balance, it supports acid-base balance, water balance, transport of nerve impulses and muscle activity. Lower amount of sodium is fitting with prevention of cardiac-vascular diseases.


It is stored inside the cells and is vital for biochemical processes. It regulates PH and osmotic pressure in our cells, it keeps the volume of body liquids. It is involved in the process of transport system – sodium-potasium pump inside the cells. It facilitates transmission of nerve impulses and work of muscles. It is irreplaceable for metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins – regulates the exchange of calcium.



It helps to maintain elasticity of blood vessels and skin. It is a part of bones and cartilage and affects their development. It helps to receive Calcium, supports the hair and nail growth and influences the fat metabolism. Silicon has anti-sclerotic effect.


One of the most important effects on organism of using hydrogen-carbonate is change of acid - base balance as well as pH of blood and concentration of hydrogen carbonate in body liquids. Bicarbonate helps to eliminate forming of kidney stones and fights against fatigue of physically active people.
* These effects of minerals are visible after particular therapeutic dose